As of January 2018, I am starting a new role called Senior Storyteller at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, working on multiplatform and long-form narrative stories such as this one about the first evidence of exoplanets.

From, 2014-2017, I led news/media strategy for the following space missions at JPL:

Dawn – NASA’s mission to Vesta and Ceres that is the first spacecraft to orbit two extraterrestrial targets

Voyager – NASA’s twin spacecraft that collectively flew by all four outer planets. Voyager 1 has entered interstellar space!

Spitzer – NASA’s infrared telescope that helped reveal the seven Earth-sized planets of TRAPPIST-1

NuSTAR – NASA’s high-energy X-ray observatory

WISE – NASA’s spacecraft that scanned the entire sky in twice the infrared, and was reactivated as NEOWISE

Planck – ESA’s cosmic microwave background observatory, with NASA participation

Herschel – ESA’s space telescope viewing the universe in far-infrared and submillimeter wavelengths, with NASA participation